Monday, 23 September 2013

Finally free! At least for a couple hours

It's been a pretty fantastic day in Dominic's world.
After he yanked out the tube that was in his nose (and down into his stomach), it seems as though all of the other wires have followed. What we call his E.T. sensor (the one that glows red) is off of his foot. The electrodes on his chest were removed. As of right now, the only external sign that our son has cancer is the main broviac line extending from his chest.
New signs are likely on their way. He doesn't have much hair but we fully expect it to fall out. He can't go unmonitored for long, especially not at night. But for now, the news is good.
What does a boy who's no longer attached to monitors and tubes get to do? How about a stroller ride? Extra play time! A musician in his room playing just for him! New toys and new experiences. Today, Dom got to be a kid again. He most certainly earned it.


  1. I will continue to pray for dominic, he sure is a special little guy. Thinking of him often and wishing him strength during the days ahead along with you and your wife. Take care :)