Our community in Calgary, Medicine Hat and beyond was incredible in helping us since Dominic's diagnosis. Relieving financial stress caused by Trish being unable to work for two years was incredibly helpful.

We are forever grateful and can only hope to pay it forward some day.

Thanks to the #Dominicstrong movement, that's exactly what we do.

I wrote about how the hashtag came to be here, in a post the day after Dominic died. Since then it's only grown, and hopefully will continue to help share his story.

You can search the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, as I tag every blog post made on Twitter with it and try to use it whenever there's something relevant to his memory on my mind. But the main place to find is the #Dominicstrong Facebook group, where an online auction is run among other things. Anything going on with fundraising shows up there first, so if you're interested, please join the group!

Our primary charities at this time are the Alberta Children's Hospital by way of the Extra Life gaming marathon and Helping Families Handle Cancer. Both are so valuable to parents in southern Alberta. We were so lucky to be assisted by them, and believe they are worth supporting.