Sunday, 22 September 2013

No news is good news

Week one of any cancer patient's journey is the busiest.
It's full of tests and needles and drugs and meetings and it's a blur. Your whole life is upended.
From our perspective as parents, we're glad it's over. Dominic got through it, we have a plan now and we're optimistic.
On Friday night he ate his first bit of solid food since this ordeal began. A quarter of a banana. It made sense not just because he's only got five teeth still, but potassium is one of the main things that have been added to his IV fluids.
The Alberta Children's Hospital is stocked with brand name baby formula that, it turns out, Dom doesn't like. He's shown few taste preferences previously so we kept trying to feed it to him and decided he just wasn't hungry, until the banana happened.
Once we brought in the formula brand he's had at home, Dom was suddenly gulping the stuff down. Between the reduction in swelling and this, it does feel like he's turned a corner.
On Saturday both Trish and I remarked that it feels like we should be able to go home. But of course he's only five days in to a 10-day cycle of chemotherapy and there are still many months of treatment ahead.
I did go home Saturday night so that I can work Sunday to Wednesday. Add that to the fact that Dom has taken a turn for the better and that first hectic week is over, and I suspect the frequency of blog posts will decrease. Maybe we'll just post photos instead. Worth a thousand words each, right?


  1. Doesn't look like he's too fond of that banana. Lol

  2. Doesn't look like he's too fond of that banana. Lol

  3. I think he's just concentrating on it! He makes that face upon the first bite of any food, new or not.

  4. Well done guys!
    Is there any way that anyone in Calgary can help? I'm a friend of Erin's.