Thursday 8 May 2014


Call in the troops. All of them.

It was bad enough to return to the hospital, even worse to find out Dominic is dealing with PTLD but we never thought we'd wind up back in the intensive care unit.

Then again we've come to expect the unexpected.

The one drug that is supposed to treat PTLD caused an allergic reaction Wednesday that included a fever of 40.2 C, shakes and intense pain.

They gave him Demerol, which is even stronger than morphine. They did scans and found an unknown mass behind his throat. They pumped him full of fluids.

Meanwhile I was trying to finish up at work and get to Calgary as soon as I could.

By the time I arrived at my parents' place he was being moved to the ICU. I immediately went to the hospital and slept in his prior room on Unit 1 instead.

Neither he nor Trish slept at all. There were X-rays, more tubes, more drugs. Walking back to his room in the ICU this morning I was greeted by the sight of a dozen nurses and doctors in bright yellow gowns huddled around his crib. This is the front line.

They were putting a breathing tube down his throat. They pulled up fluid from his lungs.

He still needs to get the medication which brought all of this on. He seems to be able to handle low doses of it.

The hope is his breathing problem is merely a side effect from the reaction and will go away. The hope is that the lump has the same explanation.

The fear is that we don't know.


  1. Feel the fear. Don't feed the fear.

    This is a situation where it can be hard to see the positive. Here's a few spins on the positive: Dom is being treated by the best of the best; you are there; the medication he needs is available and they are finding a way to make it work for Dom; there is a huge front line of professionals doing everything they can; they will keep him from being in pain; they know what it is and what to do about it.

    You are surrounded by people who love you and support you. Dom is a fighter and has already shown he can kick ICU in the ass.

    I am sending lots of positive and healing love and light your way.

    Some practical things for you:
    Delegate some care for you and Trish. Have someone be responsible for getting you food and water. Water is as important as food, especially in the dry hospitals. Your emotional strength is being tested and it is vital that your physical strength stays good. It will help you.

    If you are sharing visiting times with other family - keep their time to a minimum. It sounds cruel, perhaps. It is important that Dom feel the love and support from all family. It is more important that you and Trish have the majority of time by his bedside. The amazing power of your love will carry him through this hurdle.

    See if there is someone to delegate the updating of the blog/FB/email or whatever communication method you use.

    To those reading the blog, if you are able to help with any of the above - please offer it to Sean and Trish. They might not have a chance to ask.

    My heartfelt wishes for a fast and speedy recovery are sent to you, Sean, Trish and Dom.

    Stay strong! We are here to help.

    Here are some wise words from Dr. Seuss:
    "I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind.
    Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
    But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see.
    Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!"

    Take care,

  2. Beautiful words of encouragement and advice Lorna. Everyone is praying for a speedy end to Dom and his parents nightmare. Love to them. Audrey Rooney

  3. This is a very tough time for you and your whole family and we want you to know we are thinking of you and praying for all three of you, Sean, Trish and Dominic for a speedy recovery from this setback. Lorna, your words of encouragement are an inspiration to all.
    Mike & Nancy

  4. I feel your pain and remember only too well what you are going through. You are on a roller coaster ride, but please believe that the down turns will get less and less and further apart with time.

    As the previous person commented, you need take care of yourselves to be able to take care of Dominic. Those long days and nights in the hospital take their toll, and it's easy to forget to eat and drink.

    You are in our families thoughts and prayers, we wish a speedy recovery to little Dominic!!

    From a mom that's been where you are:)