Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hakuna matata

"I'm only brave when I have to be."
- Mufasa, The Lion King

There are a lot of great lessons to be found in situations like Dominic's. Sometimes it takes another source to realize them.

Thanks to a connection between my sister and Global Calgary's Leslie Horton, we wound up invited to watch the stage production of The Lion King today at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary.

It was the dress rehearsal leading into a three-week run for the broadway musical. Even two days ago I would've said "no chance" if you asked me if we would attend.

But Dominic has a funny way of exceeding expectations and delivering surprises. You might say it's his hakuna matata — a problem-free philosophy. No worries. He's got this.

For a week he'd sleep a day away, then barely wake up enough the next day to be pulled around in a wagon and charm folks. Monday was a typical good day, until we were touring a friend around Rotary Flames House and got to the sensory room which he wanted no part of the previous week.

Suddenly he looks at me.

"You want to play?"


"You want to get out of the wagon?"

He hadn't even stood up, much less walked the past week. Suddenly he's walking in the sensory room, playing with a couple things. Suddenly more friends show up and he's playing air hockey (with my help).

Today, Tuesday, should've been a down day. He had to be in hospital at 9 a.m. for platelets. But he was up and alert, and when it was time to leave the doctor who came to see him was so excited by Dom's condition he asked another doctor to drop by. I've never seen him so happy. And he agreed we should re-evaluate whether a trip to Florida might be possible after all if this improvement continues.

Dominic's blood counts, so full of leukemic blasts the past two weeks, are back down. As the doctor said, that's the opposite of what he expected at this stage. He wants us to think about doing more tests to see what's going on.

We got to the Jubilee early. As the lights dimmed and the show started with Circle of Life, Dom grabbed our hands and danced in his seat. Then he got up on my knee for a better look. I don't have to tell you the show is fantastic.

By the intermission he was exhausted. We had to leave right after Hakuna Matata because he wouldn't settle down. But that's what happens when you wake him early, then bring him to a musical when he's normally down for a nap. No complaints from us.

No worries.

Hakuna matata.

Extra Life update

Thanks so much for your support of us trying to give back to the Alberta Children's Hospital through the gaming charity Extra Life. We're already up to $925! And I should mention all donations are in US dollars - don't feel bad about donating 20 per cent less than you intend because it might be more than you think once the conversion rate is applied. Every cent goes to the hospital regadless.

Great news today! For the next 24 hours anyone who donates (any amount!) will be entered into a draw for two front row balcony tickets to the Saturday 2 p.m. performance of The Lion King. This is courtesy our good friend Wilbur McLean.

If you've got something you'd like to donate to help us raise funds email me directly, smrooney@gmail.com.


  1. Absolutely wonderful! I'm grinning ear-to-ear as I read about the last couple of days. What a blessing that Dominic was up and playing and having some fun yesterday! And then just incredible that he was able to get out to see that special performance today, even if he did crash and have to leave after the intermission. Dominic never ceases to amaze us! I'm so thankful for the improvements and so happy for the last couple of days of joy and happy moments that Dominic and the both of you have experienced! Fingers crossed that things keep moving in this direction! If anyone can continue to defy the odds, it is that amazing little boy Dominic.

  2. Sounds like an awesome, awesome day!! Great experience for all of you. Good work Dom!!!

  3. Dominic is just the most amazing little boy. Constantly teaching us life lessons...never give up hope and anything is possible. So many of us who have never met Dominic have fallen in love with him and your family. Sending you continued strength and much love.

  4. so awesome to see and read that your little trooper has had another one of his signature "Dom Rallies". Hope it continues. you deserve that trip to Florida to spend time as a family and to make even more memories like these ones. Hang in there. Thinking of you and sending strength and prayers.

  5. Hoping, wishing, praying you guys get to do that Flordia trip!! Hopefully he has a great next few days.

  6. Wow, that little turkey is quite the fighter, isn't he? I hope we get to see plenty more of this.

  7. So glad you had a fun time at the Lion King. I hope the wish trip can happen. Glad he's been feeling a little better the last few days.