Friday, 20 September 2013

His favourite team

Long before Dominic came around, his parents were football fans.
Being in hospital is only solidifying that.
Earlier today, Calgary Stampeders players Justin Phillips and Randy Chevrier paid us a visit here at the Alberta Children's Hospital.
"Dominic is our little good luck charm," said Phillips.
"We're rooting for him," added Chevrier. "The whole team is rooting for him."
It was just a few minutes out of their day, but it meant the world to us. And how the meeting came to be exemplifies the kind of support we've received since we arrived here barely a week ago.
My sister Erin's boyfriend Greg knows some people involved with the Canadian Football League, including the Stampeders. Once he found out about Dominic's leukemia he put together a poster and asked if the team might be able to sign it.
Not only did they sign it, they wanted to meet our little hero.
From what we understand they visit the hospital on a routine basis. It's an incredible gesture that's become a staple of professional athletes over the years. The kids love it and the players love giving back to their communities.
Dom has been to one CFL game. It was in July, and I took the requisite 250 photos, beginning with the pre-game tailgate festivities.
I submitted one photo to the Stampeders' game face contest. It was chosen as the winner and got shown on McMahon Stadium's giant screen.
That's the photo in the middle of Greg's poster.
Calgary plays tomorrow. We might get someone to watch Dom and go. Or we might just turn on the TV and watch it with him.
Go Stamps go.
Go Dominic go.

Edit: We've also posted a quick video of the visit at

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