Saturday, 16 November 2013

The whole tooth

First it was one virus. Then a second. Then not eating right, then hooked up to an IV.

Of all the symptoms Dom had in the past week, the one thing we never thought would be at the root of it was, ironically, a root.

Yesterday, Trish saw he's got a new tooth coming in.

Now, to be clear, he does still have norovirus, and there's no doubt his lack of appetite at times is partially due to the chemotherapy he finished last week. But if it's a bunch of little things instead of one especially bad thing, it makes a lot more sense why he hasn't been sleeping well lately. This, too, shall pass.

It's easy to be so optimistic when you're three hours away and haven't been home (to the hospital) in a week, but we're both used to rolling with the proverbial punches now. I have no doubt it's harder on Trish, who hasn't been home (to Medicine Hat) since Sept. 11, but she's been incredible and at Dom's side through every bit of this. Thank goodness family has been able to relieve her for a few hours here and there so she can recharge a bit.

On the positive side, the support we've received from the community hit a new high this past Thursday. There are two numbers to report from the fundraiser organized by two previously complete strangers, but the 159 people who came out are by far the most important to us.

The fact that 159 people wanted to show us they care and are pulling for Dominic is almost beyond comprehension. The fact I only knew about a third of them is staggering.

I met a lot of new friends that night, but most important are the two women who organized it, Krista Wilde and Carly Desjarlais. They both have kids and gigantic hearts, and their efforts (plus the wonderful generosity of local businesses and attendees) helped raise more than $6,500.

Here's the link to the story the Medicine Hat News did on it:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the money is something we hope we won't need all of in the long run. In a perfect world Dom gets better quick and Trish goes back to work, life is as it was and we can literally pay it forward. But it is nice to know the money is there for us so we don't have to think about it. One less stress for us.

The second major fundraiser is next Thursday in Calgary. Trish and I will both be there. We're looking forward to it. One day we'll be able to tell Dominic about all that's happened because of him. We're looking forward to that, too.

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  1. Huge hearts is right.
    Good people are surrounded by good people.
    Remember that!!
    Good luck this Thursday. If I wasn't about to birth a big baby I'd be there, but I will be there in spirit indeed.
    Hugs to the wee man with the new tooth. TEETHING IS CRUEL!