Tuesday 25 February 2014

Groundhog Day

If yesterday was Day -1 today should be Day 0: Bone marrow transplant day.

Nope. Today is Day -1 again.

Imagine waking up to your child covered in blood. You'd lose your mind, right? Not Trish. She calmly hit the button to call a nurse.

"I've seen worse," she told me without a hint of sarcasm.

She was just happy that he slept in a bit.

Dominic's broviac line broke for the fourth time, and the timing couldn't be much worse. With the transplant ready to go he suddenly doesn't have an easy way to put it in to his system.

The doctors tell us it will be no big deal to wait another day to do it. The line will hopefully be fixed and ready to go tomorrow. If it's not they would need to do surgery to put in a new line.
(Edit: The line fix did not work. He is getting the surgery for a new line Wednesday morning)

He got his feeding tube Monday and just in time as he's barely eating now. Aside from that there have been few side effects, but it's early.

There is a silver lining to our Groundhog Day, though it's a selfish one. Now I'll be at the hospital when he gets the transplant.

He's also in isolation again after his temperature spiked. Granted, he wasn't going to be allowed to run the halls for weeks after the transplant anyways, but he was going to get to the playroom every morning. We are now waiting on blood cultures to come back to see if he's caught an illness. Hopefully it's just a side effect of the chemotherapy or radiation.

Finally, a bit more good news. We've had many more hospital staff, friends and family inquire about buying the shirts we wore at Radiothon. I've been in touch with the supplier and we can put in an order. When we did the original order we only had 24 hours to ask people so we didn't get to much more than immediate family.

If you want a T-shirt, email me at smrooney@gmail.com. We will only do one bulk order which will go out March 6, so you have a week to decide. Cost depends on how many shirts we order but came out to $25 per shirt when we ordered 27 last time. The sizes are unisex. We can figure out payment via email.

I want to emphasize that the shirts are not for profit. The support we have and continue to receive is overwhelming and while we don't always respond, we read all of the heartfelt comments left on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. It does help to know so many people are pulling for Dominic.

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