Friday 15 August 2014

Home home

It's hard to get excited for much in light of Dominic's prognosis, but maybe we need to put more importance on today, not tomorrow.

Going by that logic, today's pretty darn exciting.

"Good news," texted Trish this afternoon. "Tony (our doctor) said we can come home home every week for at least this month."

Home home, in case you missed it, means Medicine Hat. Not mom and dad's place in Calgary. The place we thought he might never get back to. His own room. His own crib.

He took his doses of chemotherapy this week like a champ. Posed with a Blizzard Thursday at the Alberta Children's Hospital to remind people to support the Miracle Treat Day which raised money for children's hospitals. Gained weight. Had fun with family.

After a blood transfusion today and chemo tomorrow, he's got the all-clear to be back in Medicine Hat so long as he doesn't have any bad reactions, fevers or other side effects from the drugs.

Twice a week he will go to Medicine Hat Regional Hospital for blood tests, and once a week he'll be back in Calgary for a check-up.

Trish will leave a full set of clothes and supplies at her parents' place for the inevitability of heading back there, but she'll also get to see some friends this weekend who haven't seen her in... well, I don't know how long.

Two of our cancer family friends posted on Facebook about going on vacations today. They so deserve it with what they've been through, yet the next thing I felt after happiness for them was jealousy and sadness. Oh how I wish we could get to that point some day.

On the flipside we've been reminded again and again just how amazing our community is. Complete strangers have reached out asking how they can help. I get random text messages of encouragement and love. The easy response is just to say thanks, but I'd also like to galvanize some of this good will into something more than support for us.

I went on a media blitz to promote Extra Life this week. That's the 24-hour gaming charity my friend Krista found out about last year and I raised $4,315 for. All of the proceeds go to the children's hospital of your choice - I don't need to tell you which one my sponsors are helping.

Feel free to donate at if you'd like. I have no clue how I'm supposed to match the amount I raised last year, but I'm going to try. Better yet, go to and sign up to do it yourself! This year's marathon starts Oct. 25, though you don't have to do that date if it doesn't work for you.

Thanks to Peggy and the Medicine Hat News for their stories:
Thanks to Liam, Michael and the gang at CHAT TV for this segment:
Thanks to Val and Jim at CHAT 94.5 for this radio interview:
Thanks to Steve and Jon at CJCY 102.1 for this radio interview:
Thanks to Kim at My96 for his interview as well.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support. We have needed it.

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  1. What exciting news! I wish for you the best times enjoying being a family, together, at home. :-)

    I haven't figure out yet what to do for Extra Life. I feel way too old to stay up for 24 hours! I'm thinking...I'm thinking....

    Sean, be proud of yourself taking positive steps and making a difference. It would have been easy to quit the support for Extra Life right now and everyone would have understood. Your courage and passion for helping raise funds for the Alberta Children's Hospital shows others that even in the darkest times we can still make a positive difference in the world.