Tuesday 11 November 2014

Off isolation

When your immune-compromised child gets a bug - even a minor cold - it's a big deal.

Granted, the fungal infection in his brain and graft versus host disease in his gut are far more serious for Dominic right now, but there was cause for celebration Monday night here in the hospital.

Just after 6 p.m. our nurse came in the room. But this time she wasn't wearing a mask or a gown. She ripped off the yellow sign on the door reminding staff that he's on isolation for the cold virus he's had since August.

We yelped. We couldn't believe it.

A routine snot sample came back negative. He can officially now roam the hallways again.

We immediately opened the door and shooed him out. He screamed, as if to say 'but I'm not allowed out here!' He ran back inside.

Undeterred, we carried him through the unit, beaming. He might have been the one on isolation but it really meant all of us were.

He's still in his room for much of the day - he doesn't have a lot of energy given all he's going through - but this was a literal step in the right direction. Now to let the GVHD do its work against his leukemia and hopefully create a miracle.


  1. Such great news! Run, Dom, run!!

  2. Such a joy to see Dominic "free". Busting out the prayers, incantations - everything I can think of - that the GVHD kicks that *&^%$!! cancer out forever.

  3. Its definitely like breaking out of jail when it happens.. so happy to see you ALL out walking around the unit..Happy Dance!

  4. Dominic is a very strong boy, do not ever lose faith. Our Son is also fighting AML and i found your blog while i was looking for more stories about AML.
    We live in the Netherlands but i think of you and Dominic a lot.