Tuesday 30 December 2014

Making the most of it

"What does our perfect day look like tomorrow?"

As we lay in our bed each night - at home, for the first time as a family in months - this is the question I ask.

It doesn't have to turn out as planned, but for it's a reminder that we have to make the most of this precious span.

The first day was exasperating. On Christmas, I tried too hard for perfection and got stressed out. The morning after Trish, Dominic and our dog Megan returned, we all probably needed to re-acclimatize, not rush around unpacking, opening presents and cooking a fancy dinner.

He didn't seem to mind, as unwrapping presents is one of his favourite activities. Therefore, the present which was literally layer after layer of paper was the best one he got.

Trish spilling boiling gravy on her wrist and getting a dangerous burn, however, was a sign of how overwhelmed we are. I nearly dropped the turkey taking it out of the oven. But we got through it.

The next day we checked in at Medicine Hat's hospital for a daily blood test and subsequent platelet transfusion. And wouldn't you know it, he had a bad reaction to them for just the second time ever — both coming this month. Hives erupted all over, his face puffed up so much he could barely see and our planned quick visit ballooned into eight hours.

But he slept well, made new friends with the nurses and didn't need more platelets for the next two days. And we saw friends, played and laughed.

This routine is the new normal, for now. Wake up, in to hospital, blood test, nap, a relaxing evening with friends. We hope to transfer it over for our wish trip to Vancouver.

Calgary's North Hill Lions Club is putting the trip together through its dreams committee, booking flights and a rental car and a hotel, a few outings and figuring out what needs to be organized. They're asking that same question: What does your perfect trip look like? And other friends are asking too. It's coming together fast; we plan to be on the coast Jan. 2.

It has to happen quick because we don't know how much time we've got. Plans have to be made with the B.C. Children's Hospital, with every place we want to take our immuno-compromised, dying boy. It's not just about memories, it's about staying relatively safe and not getting him even more sick. He needs oxygen now 24 hours a day, feeds at night, a brace on his leg when he's awake and another on his hand when he sleeps.

But he still laughs and smiles and gives kisses and high fives. Trip or no trip, that's what we all want more of.

If you're interested in helping financially with Dominic's trip, cheques payable to Calgary North Hill Lions Club along with a memo line reading "Tournament of Dreams" can be mailed to:

Calgary North Hill Lions Club
Box 65069
R.P.O. North Hill
Calgary, AB
T2N 4T6

Please keep in mind this funds not just Dominic's trip but any the club undertakes. That said, this isn't cheap, and given the inability of the Children's Wish Foundation to accomodate kids under three years old it would be nice to see more wish trips like ours be fulfilled. Thanks to everyone who has inquired about what they can do.


  1. Thank-you for sharing your precious moments. It's lovely to see Dom home for Christmas. I hope your trip is everything it can possibly be for all of you. I am holding you all in my heart, and praying you have more happy days ahead.