Friday, 17 July 2015

Tour for Kids

Auntie Erin, you've been there for me from the start. You've cried more than I know for me and now you're going the extra mile again - literally.

Starting this morning you're cycling with an amazing group of people in the Tour for Kids, raising money for Kids Cancer Care Alberta and Camp Kindle, which I've only ever visited once but would love to go back to.

Mom and dad and I went for Mother's Day brunch. I played the piano, we sang at the campfire and met friends we hadn't seen in a long time. Some other people were camped there for the weekend, but their kids weren't around anymore. I guess the camp helps all sorts of families.

There are so many kids like me who are helped so much by Kids Cancer Care. Camp Kindle is an amazing place, and that's just part of what the organization does. Most importantly, all of the camping and special programs are free to the families who take part. Cancer doesn't discriminate, so it makes sense money shouldn't be an obstacle in dealing with it.

Last year you got involved and raised $6,000. I was so proud of you! I was stuck in isolation at the hospital so I couldn't come and see you finish, but everybody had shirts with pictures of us together on them.

You didn't hesitate to reach higher this year. Team Total DOMination now has five members - you, Amy McClintock, Juhee Jain, Scott Morton and Shannon Phillips - and you broke the $20,000 mark before the tour even began. The shirt you made is even cooler than the one from last year. We have so many more photos together!

Organizers asked dad if he could write on my behalf so they could recognize me as an ambassador. He wrote in the past tense because I wasn't supposed to be alive by the time the tour happened. Last week he had to change everything to the present tense because I'm still here, giving everyone thumbs up and kisses.

Today you'll ride at least 100 kilometres through Lake Louise. Take pictures, I've never been there! On Saturday you'll ride another 100 (or 175 if you choose) and get to stay at Camp Kindle. I hear you're going to make a speech about me. Make sure it's a happy one! Then on Sunday you'll get back home, finishing at Rockpoint Church between Cochrane and Calgary. I hear more of my friends are volunteering to help you out.

I'm sorry I won't be there at the finish line again. I'm home in Medicine Hat where I spent most of the week in hospital after running a fever Tuesday. Mom and dad and I and even the doggies are tired, and it looks like we're going back to Calgary in a couple weeks for a therapy aimed at helping my platelets. I will give you hugs and kisses and thumbs up then, OK?

I'm going to let everyone know about your tour because maybe they'll help you raise even more money this weekend.

Love you Auntie Erin.


(If you'd like to donate to the Tour for Kids, please visit


  1. Way to go DOM and Auntie Erin!!

  2. Way to go to Dom's Auntie and all the other riders... what an inspiration! Hope you have a wonderful ride.

  3. Little Dom, your Auntie and the rest of the team rode awesome all weekend!
    Thumbs up little dude!