Monday, 29 October 2018

Gearing up

We had Superhero Night. Then the mini golf tournament. And of course the massive online auction.

Now, with five days (gulp) until we play games for 25 hours straight as part of Extra Life, fundraising for the Alberta Children's Hospital, we have one other thing to add.

And I won't lie, this one's a bit selfish.

When the #Dominicstrong T-shirts were sold a few years ago, we wound up with some extra items that we never did sell. Seven ladies small size shirts are still ready to go if anyone wants them. We also wound up with a couple onesies even though we had no plans on trying for another child.

And then we had Samantha. Now 20 months old, she's grown out of all the #Dominicstrong stuff we had for her. Naturally, we'd like to have something for her to wear as she continues to grow.

A few people have said over the years they'd like a new shirt, or they wish they'd gotten in on the original order. Well, we hope those people are still around! We're working with Custom ImageWear ( to bring you a new batch of #Dominicstrong shirts!

The ones for toddlers can only come in black with gold graphics, the same as the old ones did. But for the rest of you, we're doing a gold-coloured shirt with black graphics. #Dominicstrong on the front, the thumbs-up on the back.

And as with the last batch of clothing we did, we are donating the proceeds of this to Helping Families Handle Cancer. They're the group that works with families having trouble paying bills and mortgages, among other things, as a result of a cancer diagnosis. They helped us and though they're not the biggest charity, they've given nearly $600,000 out to nearly 700 families over the years. We are so thankful for them.

We're asking $20 for the toddler shirts (sizes 2T-8T, black shirt with gold graphics), and $30 for adult shirts (T-shirt OR women's v-neck tank top, S-XXXL). If you don't live in Medicine Hat, shipping will be extra, though if you're in Calgary and can wait until the week after Christmas (or will be at Extra Life United in Orlando and can wait until March!) we can certainly bring them to you.

If you're interested simply email and let me know what you'd like. We can figure out the rest from there.

I will send in the final order Nov. 15 at noon so you've got until then to get in touch with me! Thanks for all of your support.

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