Monday 7 November 2022

'Twas the night after game day

'Twas the night after game day and all through the land,

Our dozen or so gamers did lift up their hands,

And extended a thumb for it's true you should know,

Our community rose up and gave the kids quite a show.

Some wore makeup or a mask of a velociraptor,

Others sucked on spicy candy and definitely swore,

It was all for the cause of the Alberta Children's Hospital,

Every dollar raised was influential.

The total, you ask? Well, when we started Saturday,

It read just a bit more than $14,000 and change,

Today now it says we're $18,240,

But keep in mind that's United States currency.

We got there with amounts both big and also small,

But there are a couple things which impressed most of all,

Like the one family whose kids had their birthday,

But instead of gifts asked for a donation to our party,

Or the 15-year-old Katelyn whose donation amount,

Was in how she spoke of her personal health account,

So brave and so heartfelt; she wants you to know,

That this hospital helps keep her symptoms controlled.

We'd like to thank all who played any part,

Of our game day at the Lodge, and let us just start,

With our two main sponsors: Schwab and Co. accountants,

And City Auto Parts, who opened up their wallets.

Next a huge shout-out to the 501st Legion,

That's the Star Wars characters who drove from different regions,

The snow did not stop them travel their path,

To Medicine Hat, though it did seem like Hoth.

Our friend Dan even made a surprise,

Coming with son Nick, and in the disguise,

Of Autobot leader Optimus Prime,

Complete by transforming and blowing our minds.

Our gamers had a blast, and we'd like to hope,

Those who came to play with us did too, and kindly they spoke,

We don't know if next year we'll do it the same,

But one thing we know is there will be another game.

By the way, one last thing I'd like to update,

Is you can still click here if you'd like to donate,

Our main efforts are done for 2022,

A difference you can make, Yoda notes it's quite true.

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