Thursday, 19 June 2014

Happy anniversary

Ten years ago today Trish and I were married on one of the happiest days of our lives.

But today's important for another reason, too.

This morning, Dominic was sent home from his last overnight stay in the hospital.

His final stay couldn't have gone better. OK, he could have not been confined to his crib for the 36 hours' worth of rituximab. And he could still eat better. But it's hardly worth complaining about when you consider all that he's overcome to get here.

He had visitors from friends, family, the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation and even a charity called Helping Families Handle Cancer. He won four bingo's while he was sleeping, then played with paint and charmed the nurses. There was no sign of any bad reaction from the ritux, and now he's done with it. Only a day trip every few weeks until September to finish treating his post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder.

For all of the times we've said he's lucky he won't remember his time in hospital, this is one memory we wish he could take with him. The indescribable amount of love that's been sent his way these last nine months is a big reason he's coming home today. We are so lucky.

Our wedding day was an incredible experience. It was the last time my side of the family truly got together before both of my grandpa's died and nobody will ever forget them dancing up a storm that night. Everyone was so happy. Trish was beautiful as always and I had hair.

We've been through so much in the past year. No matter what the future holds, days like this are worth celebrating. Twice.

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