Monday, 23 June 2014

Murphy's law

Yeah, so you know how we said last week was the last time Dominic would stay overnight in a hospital?

He's back again tonight.

Maybe I should've said it was the last planned stay. Because when you're in his position, even a little fever can lead to a long week for everyone involved.

Today isn't so much about the fever (though he does have a recurring one) as how he's feeling. He cried, loudly, all night last night and none of us got much sleep.

We tried rocking him. She tried singing. Diaper change, mood lighting, nothing doing. At one point I noticed his mattress on the floor - out of the crib. Trish said lying him on it and laying down beside him worked for a while. Desperate times.

He also spiked a fever for 45 minutes or so overnight. When Trish called the children's hospital they said immediately go to the Medicine Hat Hospital and get his blood drawn for testing. Then go straight to Calgary.

After three hours at the local hospital they made it as far as Brooks before he was wailing so much Trish had to pull over. His temperature was worse. The head nurse in Calgary said go to Brooks hospital now.

Here's the thing about going to these non-children's hospitals: They have no clue how to deal with us. How do you draw blood from his broviac line? You don't want to stay in the emergency room like everyone else because he has a compromised immune system? Even if they did find something wrong, they'd be sending Dom to Calgary anyhow. But you don't want a really bad situation to develop while you're driving, either.

So they're back in Calgary tonight, which incidentally was the plan all along. With his rituximab (36-hour drug) finished he comes in to hospital for other drugs once every three weeks. This Tuesday was just such a visit until all of this happened.

Hopefully it's nothing. We don't even know what nothing is anymore; even nothing seems to be something. When will his immune system be strong enough that a little fever doesn't mean an emergency? We're not quite sure.

Where might he have got it from? I've been feeling allergy symptoms the past few days which is normal, but suddenly I worry I'm sick and passing it off as allergies. Trish took him shopping a few times. On Saturday he visited while I hosted a convention booth promoting the Extra Life gaming marathon in support of children's hospitals. He wore his Superman shirt and cape.

He's Superman, but his immune system hasn't quite caught up. The sooner it does, the better.


  1. Sending prayers for Dom .. hopefully this is nothing serious! #feelbettersoonlittleman

  2. Hoping this will pass as fast as it appeared.
    Thinking of you guys.
    You are all SUPERMAN/WOMAN to me.