Saturday, 14 November 2015

Worth the pain

After the haircut, colouring, then a tattoo, then a head shave, Trish has done a lot to herself in the past couple months.

I, meanwhile, merely put up with some stinging nostrils when I got my goatee coloured. After shaving my head one year and the goatee the next, there wasn't much left to do!

Or was there.

Maybe I'd had one too many rum and cokes when I agreed to it, but I said yes to having my back waxed if team #Dominicstrong managed to raise US$45,000 through Extra Life for the Alberta Children's Hospital this year.

Not that I didn't want to do it, but I wasn't sure we'd get there. I think we tapped out anybody who could possibly want to give money to the cause through the various events, online auction and my constant nagging on social media.

But we got there, on game day no less. So there I was this morning, laying down on a table and trying not to sweat as gobs of wax were applied, then ripped off along with every bit of hair on my back.

I'd like to say I didn't scream, but I did. And honestly, it wasn't that bad. I'm just dramatic.

But no way am I going back to do that again! Unless we set a ridiculous goal for next year perhaps...


  1. Way to go Sean!! You and Trish continue to be an inspiration.

  2. Sean you are a STUD!!
    Bravo… and to Trish for holding the camera still and not falling over laughing.
    Good grief this was funny.
    Bless you two and the wee Dom.
    You continue to be amazing and incredibly selfless parents.
    Thinking of you daily.

  3. Well done!!!! So awesome to see what a difference you continue to make in the Community!

  4. Way to go to you both... wow your braver than I lol