Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Six months ago today I slept with my son on my chest, as he took what would prove to be his final breaths.

He's gone, but he's still here in so many little ways.

Once Extra Life United ended Friday and our new group of friends went their own ways back home, Trish and I got started on the second week of our trip here in Orlando.

On Saturday we checked out of one resort and in to another, seeing the Enmon family once more. If you recall, they were the ones whose daughter Victoria inspired the Extra Life movement.

My favourite moment from that day was seeing two of the champion kids from the Children's Miracle Network Momentum conference hug for what seemed like an eternity, neither one wanting to let go. I felt that way for our Extra Life group too, and I know it was mutual.

Saturday night we had dinner with friends we'd only ever met for a half hour. Another family struck with loss from childhood cancer. Seemingly so little in common with us except for the most important thing, which meant we could've talked all night.

On Sunday we sat by a pool for the first time on our vacation - there just hadn't been an opportunity until then. And we spent time with another family, ones who'd come down to Extra Life United with #Dominicstrong shirts even though they'd never met us before. Another incredible part of our community.

Friday, Monday and Tuesday evenings were spent at Disney parks. We hung out with some of the remaining Extra Life group Friday at Hollywood Studios (highlighted by any and all things Star Wars), did Epcot together Monday and Animal Kingdom Tuesday. Oh and we golfed nine holes Tuesday. We've decided if we can do it, we're going to. Why not.

Yesterday was a visit to Kennedy Space Center, which brought out the little boy in me. We might get back there Friday as Space X has a launch planned which has been delayed three or four times over the past couple weeks.

And at every bend there was something letting us know Dominic was watching.

At each park, we constantly made it to rides and performances at just the right time, as if the universe were bending to our will to have as much fun as possible.

At Epcot there was Alice, posing for photos with child after child. Alice was the first character Dom met in his two hours at Disney World; the one he charmed. You could say she was his last girlfriend.

At Animal Kingdom we showed up for a carnival-like show with characters from The Lion King literally seconds before they opened the doors to let the audience in. Dom got to see a special rehearsal of The Lion King Broadway show last year. When they started singing Circle of Life I couldn't help but shed a tear and hold Trish's hand a bit tighter.

Then yesterday, at the space centre, an IMAX film about repairing the Hubble telescope began with the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Specifically, the version by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole which was also used in the video played at Dominic's memorial. Again, a squeeze and a knowing glance.

I know some people believe a person's spirit has the capability to make all of these things happen, but I'm more pragmatic about it. Wishing something to have a connection so much that you inevitably spot it. Either way the moments are special when they come.

Today we're off to a baseball spring training game where we'll see my parents, who have a winter home in Florida but hadn't been there much during Dom's illness.

I'm sure we'll notice something meaningful on this latest anniversary.

I'd be disappointed if we didn't.

The wish trip will finally come to an end, but, as was the plan six months ago, we will gain so many memories from it. New, happy ones to add to all the sadness and hold our new lives together.


  1. So much love for you guys. I'm lucky to call you my friends. I'm so glad that Dominic is still lighting up your lives. #DominicStrong

  2. You guys and Dominic are an absolute inspiration #dominicstrong

  3. You guys and Dominic are an absolute inspiration #dominicstrong

  4. There is no doubt that Dom is by your side through your journey.
    Wishing you all well. Such a strong inspiration you are to so many of us.