Sunday, 30 September 2018

Auction in full swing

Hey folks, sorry I didn't write earlier this week but it's been busy, and it feels like anyone who would want to know about the annual #Dominicstrong auction already does!

The auction, which runs off our Facebook group (, began Friday with 131 items and has since grown to 132 items because I managed to forget one. Mistakes happen.

There's everything from #Dominicstrong dice and special word art items to a signed Johnny Gaudreau (Calgary Flames) jersey and even an incredible six-foot-long bench. So many gift certificates, golf, entertainment and, well, there's 132 items: It's quite a list.

I'm always afraid the auction has become so big that items will get missed and not bid on. There are a handful as of 11 a.m. of today's final day that still have no bids, but I'm crossing my fingers that changes. And there are always a few items that draw a ton of attention, which is super fun to watch.

We raised $10,921 last year, and even if we don't break that number this time around, it'll be a success. I had said earlier this year we wouldn't have as much time to run the auction this year, yet we still have wound up doing as much or maybe even more work than ever before. I guess once you start something like this, it's hard not to do the best job you can at it.

Of course, every single penny raised goes to the Alberta Children's Hospital via Extra Life. And there's big news there that will make my job easier when making that massive donation: Extra Life now accepts Canadian funds! It's something they'd been promising (and something Canadian Extra Life members had been asking for) for a long time. So once the auction is over I'll get back to straight-up asking for donations there.

Individuals can't get a tax receipt when they buy something at our auction, but there are a ton of great items and knowing it all goes to charity has got to feel good. It never ceases to amaze us how incredible our community is: It warms my heart anytime we ask someone about donating and they already know who Dominic is.

The auction finishes at 5 p.m. today (Sunday, Sept. 30) so if this is the first you've heard of it, go on Facebook, find the group and check it out! And if you saw this too late I'm sorry for not writing a blog earlier. I'll follow up with the totals next week.

Thanks for all your support. This is the biggest thing we do in terms of raising money every year, and without a public game day event this year it has even more importance. We'll still be gaming 25 hours Nov. 3-4, just not at a place anybody can come and play with us. We'll instead encourage gamers of all types to sign up for Extra Life and make their own game day experiences!

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